Protocol of the Elise-Richter Network general assembly 2024

Date: 26 February 2024
Location: University of Vienna, Biology Building
Attendees: 27 Participants (15 in-person, 12 online)

The general assembly commenced with a welcome address by the network’s speaker, followed by a round of introductions. The Elise-Richter Network, now counting 262 members, originated in 2019 as a casual network and formalized into an official association in 2021. The current board comprises members affiliated with various Austrian universities.

Key Topics:

  • Promoting gender balance in science
  • Advocating for fair career opportunities, including challenges related to university law amendments and issues with contractual terms
  • Enhancing networking and experience sharing within the community, targeting R2/R3 stage researchers

Activities 2023 Overview:

 Board Elections: 

The assembly outlined the upcoming board elections (scheduled for June via an online platform), emphasizing the need for self-driven candidates interested in advancing the network’s goals,

Structure: ideally more than 6 board members, incl. chairperson, general secretary, treasurer and deputies for all positions.

Tasks: involvement in public conversation, conversation with FWF and supporting grant parties; internal networking and e-mail correspondence);

Financial Report: 

The network’s funding, primarily sourced from FWF, has been utilized for operational expenses. The report highlighted the need for renegotiating future funding with the incoming board. The financial report was approved by all members present at the meeting.

Discussion Points:

  • Potential amendments to university law, specifically concerning internal career schemes and eligibility criteria for §99/4 positions.
  • Challenges with habilitation processes, contract interpretations, and tenure track position acquisitions.
  • The importance of collecting and supporting cases related to habilitation applications and contractual issues.

Other Highlights:

  • A presentation by members of Women in Biology at the University of Vienna, discussing networking, support, and funding for initiatives combating sexual harassment.
  • The meeting concluded with an art tour and lunch, fostering further discussion and networking among participants.

(Note: All personal names and direct references have been omitted for privacy.)