Tatjana Marković

Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften, ACDH - Abteilung Musikwissenschaft

Email tatjana_markovic[at]icloud.com
Website http://www.tatjanamarkovic.eu
Project Name SEE Opera
Publication Page http://www.tatjanamarkovic.eu/bibliography.php
Field of research musicology, cultural studies
Keywords music history I musicology as a discipline I opers tudies I memory studies I (pre)nationalism I imperial legacies I The Balkans|Southeast Europe I (post)socialism

Tatjana Marković is a project chair at the Austrian Academy of Sciences in Vienna. She was an associate professor at the University of Arts in Belgrade, and was also teaching at the universities of Vienna, Graz, and Ljubljana. She is a chair of the IMS Study group Music and Cultural Studies, the editor of the journal TheMA (Vienna), and a member of the editorial board of Studia Musicologica (Budapest), Glasbeno-pedagoški zbornik (Ljubljana), and of MGG for Southeast Europe. Marković chaired several research projects, including the FWF Elise-Richter-Programm, resulting in her Habilitationsschrift “Envoicing the nation: Emerging opera national traditions in southeast Europe (in print). She has published on the 18th-20th-century music (Balkan, Russian, German opera; music historiography, musicology as a discipline, gender studies). She wrote four monographs and edited eleven books.