Sylvia Ploeckinger

Department for Astrophysics, University of Vienna

Project Name A holistic view on (dwarf) galaxy formation
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Field of research Computational galaxy formation
Keywords Astronomy | | | Galaxies | | | Dwarf | Galaxies | | | Dark | Matter | | | Cosmological | Simulations

I am an astrophysicist, focusing on galaxy formation using cosmological simulations. For my Elise-Richter fellowship “A holistic view on (dwarf) galaxy formation” I am investigating how galaxies can inform us about the type of dark matter in the Universe. Large-scale simulations that model the evolution of tens of thousands of resolved galaxies over more than 13 billion years are the perfect laboratory to see the effect that different hypothetical dark matter particles, such as cold, warm, or self-interacting dark matter, have on various galaxy properties.

I completed my PhD at the Department of Astrophysics (University of Vienna) at the end of 2014 and afterwards held PostDoc positions at Leiden Observatory, (Leiden University, The Netherlands) and at the Institute for Computational Cosmology (Durham, United Kingdom). From 2019 to 2022 I was working at the Lorentz Institute for Theoretical Physics (Leiden University, The Netherlands), funded through a personal grant from the Dutch Research Council.
Since 09/22 I am back at the Department of Astrophysics (University of Vienna), first through the Marie-Jahoda stipend and at the beginning of
2023 I started the Elise-Richter fellowship.