Sigrid Netherer

University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, BOKU, Vienna, Department of Forest and Soil Sciences

Email sigrid.netherer[at]
Project Name Barbee
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Field of research Bark beetles and other forest pest insects risk assessment, Climate change effects, Drought
Keywords Forest insect herbivores, bark beetles, risk assessment, Norway spruce, drought, host tree herbivore interactions

Sigrid Netherer studied forestry at BOKU, Vienna and finished her PhD in 2003. After a 2-years post-doctoral phase at the Institute of Forest Entomology and Forest Protection, she went on parental leave (2 kids), and returned to the institute as a post-doc in 2006. Between 2005 and 2012, Sigrid also worked as a freelance expert in forestry and was engaged in environmental education for children. During her part-time position at BOKU at that time, she was involved in a number of projects funded by the European Commission. From 2011 on, Sigrid was PI in projects financed by FWF and the Austrian Federal Forests. Currently, she holds and Elise Richter fellowship and habilitated in January 2022.