Sandra Müller

TU Wien

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Project Name Long games and determinacy
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Field of research Mathematical Logic
Keywords Mathematics | Logic | Set | Theory | Inner | Models | Large | Cardinals | Infinite | Games

I became fascinated with inner model theory at the beginning of my time as a doctoral student. The fact that the independence phenomenon occurs for easily definable notions, such as determinacy axioms, inspired me to learn all I could about it. This is how I started working on the connections between large cardinals and determinacy, and even to this day, the hope of bringing new facts to light concerning this mysterious and intriguing connection is a primary motivating factor in my research. With the support of my L’Oréal Austria Fellowship and my Austrian Science Fund (FWF) Elise Richter Fellowship I was recently able to achieve a breakthrough in this area: I proved Sargsyan’s Conjecture on the large cardinal strength of determinacy when all sets are universally Baire.