Rebecca Herzog

Medical University of Vienna

Project Name PD3
Publication Page
Field of research Medicine/Organ Replacement, Cell Biology/Proteomics
Keywords Kidney | Replacacement | Therapy | I | Peritoneal | Dialysis | I | Proteomics

I am a translational researcher aiming to link omics-driven basic science and patient-centred clinical research in renal replacement therapy. After training as a biomedical scientist at the Vienna General Hospital, and master’s degree in Biomedical Sciences from the FH Campus Wien, I completed my PhD in the Program for Organfailure-, replacement and Transplantation at the Medical University of Vienna in 2017. As research fellow of the Paediatric Nephrology Laboratory, in collaboration with Zytoprotec, a start-up spin-off company, my colleagues and I successfully developed a novel fluid for peritoneal dialysis (PD) from experimental discovery to clinical application. As PostDoc in the “Christian Doppler Laboratory for Molecular Stress Research in PD” I now investigate molecular interventions to modulate cytoprotective mechanism in the dialyzed peritoneal cavity. In my recent career I discovered the role of a specific post-translational protein modification in PD, developed an immune-competence assay to clinical application, and revealed the PD effluent proteome. I received several national and international awards including a European Renal Association research fellowship in 2014 to join a research group in Madrid, and was awarded the Stanley-Shaldon Prize for the Young in Investigator of the Year in 2019. Since 2019, I am also a principal investigator in “IMPROVE-PD”, a EU-Horizon2020 MSCA-ITN project.