Manuela Temmer

Institute of Physics, University of Graz, Austria

Email matwelle1[at]
Project Name CMEs in the heliosphere
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Field of research Solar and Heliospheric Physics
Keywords Physics|Sun|Heliosphere|Planets|Coronal mass ejections|Solar wind|Space Weather|Model|Observations

Studying the evolution of coronal mass ejections in interplanetary space – an interdisciplinary research field


What is my research about?

My research addresses the dynamic evolution of coronal mass ejections (CMEs) from Sun to interplanetary space and their interplay with the background solar wind structures. The varying solar activity phases and changing mix of open and closed magnetic field alters the heliosphere on various temporal and spatial scales. This has effects on the propagation behavior and characteristics of individual CME events which in turn dictates their impact on planets.

What was my path up to here?

Starting with observational data analysis from the Sun, I connected the activity phenomena of flares and CMEs, as they evolve, naturally to the heliosphere. How they interact with planets, especially with Earth was just the next corner stone to be curious about. In the past years, model development combined with observational research is a powerful way to improve the understanding and to better understand the big picture of solar-terrestrial relations. Go the path that never stops to be taken.


What would I be if not a scientist?

If I would not be a scientist, I would be a musician. Music is my passion and combines perfectly with research – it needs creativity to play something new and knowledge to perform well.