Lindsey Nicholson

University of Innsbruck

Project Name Modelling of debris-covered glaciers
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Field of research Glaciology
Keywords Climate Change | | | Glaciers | | | Natural Hazards
Twitter @linznicholson

I’m a glaciologist, geomorphologist and climate scientist, focusing on understanding the relationship between glaciers and climate in order to better understand how the climate system works and how glaciers, and related earth systems, will change in the future.

I’m interested in understanding more about environmental change and specifically how it will affect sustainability of ecosystems and populations. As the scientific understanding becomes deeper, simplistic solutions seem less realistic and there is an increasing need to engage many interest groups to respond in the best possible way. At the same time, advances in our understanding seem to cause many people frustration as the implications of this growing knowledge base become ever-harder to grasp quickly and easily. What I like most about working in academia is that it not only puts me at the cutting edge of the science, but also provides a great opportunity to communicate findings to students and the wider public.