Leila Taghizadeh

TU Wien

Website https://www.asc.tuwien.ac.at/taghizadeh
Project Name Computational Uncertainty Quantification in Nanotechnology
Publication Page https://scholar.google.at/citations?user=wP_n1MoAAAAJ&hl=en
Field of research Applied Mathematics
Keywords Uncertainty Quantification | Optimal Experimental Design | PDE-Based Inverse Problems | Multilevel Monte-Carlo Methods
Twitter https://twitter.com/LeilaTaghizade
LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/leila-taghizadeh

How to Measure Uncertainty?

I received my PhD with distinction in Applied Mathematics at TU Wien in 2019. My PhD thesis was awarded the Hannspeter-Winter-Prize 2020 as the best PhD thesis of a female student among all areas of science. After about two years PostDoc at TU Wien, I moved to Germany and since 2021 I have been PostDoc at the Technical University of Munich in the research group of Scientific Computing and Uncertainty Quantification of Prof. Elisabeth Ullmann. I have received the Elise Richter Fellowship 2022 and my research proposal with the title “Computational Uncertainty Quantification in Nanotechnology” has been approved for funding by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF). I will join the Institute of Analysis and Scientific Computing as the Elise Richter Fellow to lead my own research project at TU Wien.

What is my research about?
My research focuses on developing mathematical and computational methods of uncertainty quantification (UQ) and statistical inverse problems for complex systems in computational science and engineering. To this end, I leverage theory and methods from mathematics and statistics including numerical methods for PDEs, probability and statistics, inverse problems, and optimization.

What empowers me?
There are always obstacles to overcome, especially for female scientists. What empowers me is the hope and endless support that I get from my family in this way.

What exactly makes me successful?
I think what is important in pursuing an academic career in addition to being a creative and high-level scientist is to be a well-organized, hardworking, and interactive person.