Ingrid Cogne

Institute for Art Theory and Cultural Studies, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna

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Project Name TdoC
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Field of research Arts-based research
Keywords HOW | choreography | dramaturgy | format | situation | communication | practical | tacite

Ingrid Cogne (1977, FR) is an artist, facilitator, dramaturge, and researcher working across choreography, visual arts, and sciences.

Cogne conceptualizes artworks in the form of articulated sculptures, expanded choreographies, artistic researches, and text-based objects—be it alone or in collaboration.
She uses choreography as a way to create movement and suspension, circulation and time, positioning and displacement in relation to Economy, Knowledge, Work, and Individuals.
Her work problematizes the dramaturgy of (existing or created) situations. With soft provocation for movement in representations and structures, Cogne likes to—slowly, progressively—shake and shift perceptions, projections, and perspectives.

Since January 2019, Cogne is senior researcher at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna with the arts-based research project The Dramaturgy of Conversation (Elise Richter PEEK project V709, AT). She is also an associate professor in Text-based-arts at the Bergen Academy of Art and Design (NO) since August 2021.

Cogne is editor and author of the publications Dansbaren—The Mob without Flash(2016) and For and By Six Formats (2018).