Elena Feraru

University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna (BOKU) Department of Applied Genetics and Cell Biology (DAGZ) Institute of Molecular Plant Biology (IMPB)

Email elena.feraru[at]boku.ac.at
Website https://boku.ac.at/en/dagz/elena-feraru
Project Name TemperAUXIN
Publication Page https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/?term=elena+feraru&sort=pubdate&size=50
Field of research Plant development, Plant molecular biology
Keywords “Arabidopsis” “fruit development” “pistil” “auxin” “high temperature” “PILS proteins”
LinkedIn https://at.linkedin.com/in/elena-feraru-74386079

Elena Feraru has a broad interest in life sciences. In Romania, she studied as teen Agriculture, then she received her Bachelor and Master diplomas in Ecology, and, lastly, she was awarded a PhD in Entomology. Wishing to study abroad in a top research laboratory, she embarked for another topic, this time in the field of plant molecular biology, and she was awarded a PhD in Biotechnology, with a distinction (top 2%), from one of the leading research institutions – VIB and University of Ghent, Gent, Belgium. In 2012 she came to Vienna and BOKU University, where she is investigating various aspects of plant growth and development in response to environmental stresses such as high temperature. Here, her research and career were supported by prestigious fellowships such as the European EMBO long-term fellowship and Hertha Firnberg and Elise Richter from the Austrian Science Fond (FWF). Her work opened new research ideas and was published in top scientific journals. She is looking forward to what the future awaits her.