Ekaterina Fokina

TU Wien

Email ekaterina.b.fokina[at]gmail.com
Website https://www.dmg.tuwien.ac.at/fokina/
Project Name ASACS
Publication Page https://www.dmg.tuwien.ac.at/fokina/research.html
Field of research Mathematical Logic
Keywords computability theory|algorithmic complexity|computable structures

I was born and raised in Novosibirsk, Russia. Completed my PhD in mathematical logic from the Sobolev Institute of Mathematics (Novosibirsk) under supervision of Sergey Goncharov. During the PhD studies I spent a year at the University of Notre Dame under supervision of Julia Knight. This is when I became conscious about the importance of female role models and mentors in mathematics. One week after completing my PhD I came a postdoc to the Kurt Gödel Research Center, University of Vienna. The intention of inviting me to the KGRC was to expand the research profile of the institute, meaning that my research did not fit well any of the existing projects. For this reason I soon started applying for my own FWF projects. I first got a Lise Meitner incoming fellowship and then the Elise Richter project, followed by two stand-alone FWF projects. In 2015 I was offered a 4-year-long assistant position at the TU Wien. In 2019, during my maternity leave, I received a permanent position as associate professor at the TU Wien, in particular, thanks to my Elise Richter project.