Bea Maas

Department of Botany and Biodiversity Research | Biodiversity Dynamics and Conservation | University of Vienna, Austria

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Project Name ECO-OLIVES
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Field of research Conservation Biology, Agroecology
Keywords functional diversity | ecosystem services | conservation science

Bea Maas is an ecologist working internationally in the fields of conservation science and agro-ecology. Her research is focused on birds, bats and arthropods in tropical and temperate ecosystems, as well as on their importance for human well-being and how they can be integrated into more sustainable land use approaches. Currently, she is leading two international research projects at the Department of Botany and Biodiversity Research: her Elise Richter project “ECO-OLIVES” is focused on Mediterranean olive groves while her project “ECO-CACAO” is dedicated to Peruvian cacao agroforestry systems. Her trans-disciplinary approach integrates techniques from social sciences, science communication, agronomy and engineering. As Associate Editor of two international conservation journals and as a member of DEI Committees of international scientific societies, she is committed to advancing the implementation of conservation science by strengthening diversity, equity, and inclusion. Through her teaching at the University of Vienna, Bea Maas shares her experience with students, while she continuously expands her networks and skills through cooperation with stakeholders and decision-makers from conservation science and practice.