Barbara Fischer

University of Vienna

Email b.fischer[at]
Project Name Why is childbirth so difficult in humans?
Field of research quantitative biology
Keywords birth | obstetrics | data science

Barbara Fischer is an evolutionary biologist, data scientist and science communicator. In her current reserach she studies the evolution of birth in humans. Barbara gathers and analyses complex clinical and anatomical datasets for her scientific work, but she also enjoys communicating science to the general public and has authored a textbook for high school biology (“Am Puls Biologie”, published by Österreichischer Bundesverlag Schulbuch, oebv). Barbara studied in Austria and Ireland and has a background in mathematics and biology. She graduated with a PhD in Ecology and Evolution from the University of Bern, Switzerland. As a researcher, she worked on various projects in quantitative biology at different European institutions in Norway, Switzerland, Finland and Austria. Barbara is an experienced lecturer and has been teaching applied mathematics for biologists for several years at the University of Vienna. Currently, she is an Elise-Richter project leader at the Department of Evolutionary Biology at the University of Vienna. In addition, she is leading a science outreach EU-project for Gregor Mendel’s 200th birthday.