Astrid Mager

Institute of Technology Assessment, Austrian Academy of Sciences

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Project Name Algorithmic Imaginaries
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Field of research My research is concerned with search engine politics, the global information economy and local socio-political cultures, critical theory, digital methods, fitness apps, internet governance in Europe, alternative tech and open source communities, data, algorithms, & apps in times of disaster (Covid-19), (semi)automated decision-making, and science & technology studies (STS) more generally.
Keywords Search engine | big data, algorithm | datafication | science and technology studies | critical data and algorithm studies | critical theory | open source | alternative technology

Astrid MAGER is Senior Postdoctoral Researcher at the Institute of Technology Assessment, Austrian Academy of Sciences, and Lecturer at the Department of Science and Technology Studies, University of Vienna (Austria). She is currently working on her habilitation project Algorithmic Imaginaries. Visions and values in the shaping of search engines, funded by the Austrian Science Fund. Her long-standing research on search engines in sociopolitical contexts has been widely published in leading Science and Technology Studies (STS) and New Media Studies journals. Recent publications include “Algorithmic Profiling of Job Seekers in Austria: How Austerity Politics Are Made Effective”, Frontiers in Big Data (2020, together with D. Allhutter, F. Cech, F. Fischer, & G. Grill) and “Future Imaginaries in the Making and Governing of Digital Technology”, special issue in New Media & Society (2021, co-edited with Christian Katzenbach).