Anne Sophie Meincke

University of Vienna

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Project Name BioFree
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Field of research Philosophy
Keywords Metaphysics | Philosophy of Mind and Action | Philosophy of Biology

Anne Sophie Meincke is a philosopher specialising in metaphysics, the philosophy of mind and action and the philosophy of biology. She explores in particular the intersections of these fields, thereby drawing on empirical findings in biology, the history of philosophy and insights from feminist philosophy. Following her Master’s in German Literature and her PhD in philosophy (both LMU Munich, Germany), Anne Sophie held post-doctoral research positions at the universities of Innsbruck, Austria (2011-2014), Exeter, UK (2014-2018) and Southampton, UK (2018-2019) where she investigated the metaphysics of dispositions, developed a novel process ontological approach to understanding living beings, including human persons, and spelt out the implications for the metaphysics of mammalian pregnancy. In her current interdisciplinary research project ‘Bio-Agency and Natural Freedom’, which is funded by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF) through the Elise Richter funding scheme and hosted by the University of Vienna (2019-), Anne Sophie elaborates a novel libertarian theory of free will according to which agency and free will are biological functions, possessed by both human and non-human organisms. She was awarded the City of Innsbruck’s 2014 Prize for Scientific Research and the Italian Society for Logic and Philosophy of Science’s 2020 Prize for Women in Logic and the Philosophy of Science. Since 2020, Anne Sophie has been an elected member of the Young Academy of the Austrian Academy of Sciences (ÖAW).