Andrea Navarro Quezada

Johannes Kepler University Linz

Email andrea.navarro-quezada[at]
Project Name MagNano
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Field of research Physics
Keywords Magnetic materials, optical spectroscopy, medical physics

Exploring physics in medicine


What is my research about?

I spent many years researching the basic properties of magnetic materials with potential applications in memory devices. Since August 2021, I decided to leave science and now I support researchers at the medical faculty of the Johannes Kepler University with funding opportunities. This new job has given me the opportunity to learn about physics in medicine, which is extremely exciting!

What is professional success?

After years of pursuing a scientific career, I have realized that professional success for me does not mean becoming a scientist, but it means being happy at what I do and working in the right environment to do so.


What motivates me?

Knowing that the work I do will in some way improve the life of others.